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We help people in all of life’s circumstances in the areas of Health and Travel. Our Medical & Travel Network has been built based on your Members’ needs! Our network is at the core of our business and is ever evolving to meet the demands of our clients. As people become more mobile, travel more frequently to more destinations around the globe, seek medical care outside of their home country and find themselves in need of assistance in foreign and sometimes unstable situations, GMMI builds our network to meet those client needs.

U.S. Networks

  • Comprehensive network in all 50 US states to obtain discounts
  • Over 1,200,000 contracted providers through major HMO network solutions
  • Access to over 900,000 contracted providers through our PPO network solutions
  • Over 5,000 direct provider agreements
  • 24/7/365 Telemedicine services in the US
  • Excellent savings on healthcare cost
  • Access to supplemental specialty and regional networks to maximize savings
  • Access to Transplant, Dental, Imaging and Prescription programs
  • Claims negotiations for out-of-network claims

Global Provider Networks

  • Complete Provider Network with over 14,500 providers (outside of USA and US Territories) available in GMMI’s International Provider Search Engine
  • Dedicated Network Team and Area Network Manager assigned to each provider
  • Custom built to support Client needs: Contracting is based on utilization, geographic concentration of members and provider nominations​
  • Focus on high quality, availability, access and provider credentialing ​
  • Direct Network/Cashless access with providers in every continent

Urgent Care & Retail Clinics

Urgent Care

  • An Urgent Care Center is a walk-in clinic for patients with an acute illness or non-life-threatening injury​
  • Can treat like sprains, fractures and cuts that require stitches​
  • Offers an alternative to waiting for hours in a hospital emergency room.​
  • Recommended for Quality, Convenience and Cost​

Size3-10 exam rooms
StaffingDoctor + Mid-level providers(s) + Radiology Technician
CapabilitiesBasic medical care, X-ray + lab services (CT/MRI scan in Advanced Urgent Care Centers)
Operating HoursExtended (including weekends)
Cost$$ (Standard Urgent Care Center), $$($) (Advanced Urgent Care Center)

Retail Clinic

  • A retail clinic is a healthcare clinic located inside a major pharmacy chain or retail store that offers quick and easy walk-in access for patients with minor medical emergencies to see nurse practitioner and obtain prescription. ​
  • Prescriptions can conveniently be picked up at the same location. Services available also include vaccinations and school physicals. ​
  • Offers Upfront Pricing, Direct Billing and Easy Access ​

Size: 1-2 exam rooms
Staffing: Mid-level provider
CapabilitiesBasic medical care
Operating HoursExtended (including weekends)

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