Medical Second Opinion Services at GMMIApril 1, 2019

In the last year, GMMI has worked hard to push forward several innovative products and solutions. One of the many solutions we offer to our clients is a service called Medical Second Opinion. A Medical Second Opinion is the process of seeking an evaluation by another doctor or surgeon to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan of a treating physician, or to offer an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment approach.

GMMI's MSO program aims to help identify additional medical options, confirm diagnoses, clarify treatment plans and even catch medical errors. The program avails to our Clients the expertise of top medical specialists in the U.S. for any condition in which there is a question about the best course of action or treatment. GMMI has partnered with some of the US' most prestigious & reputable medical facilities to facilitate our MSO service. We offer both a basic and comprehensive approach tailored to the individual needs of each case.

There are several reasons a patient or client may consider a medical second opinion. Some include:

  • Case is in a highly specialized area
  • Treatment is not available or home country lacks physicians' expertise or treatment frequency
  • Insurer / Patient requesting Independent Medical Review for alternative Treatment Options
  • Patient seeks an impartial review
  • Patient seeks the latest medical therapies for his/her condition
  • Insurer believes the treatment is experimental
  • Complex Diagnosis with limited Treatment options
  • Cutting-edge Treatment Options with emphasis on Evidence Based Medicine

The GMMI MSO Program has been tailored and customized based on a growing demand in such services. Please feel free to reach out to our Marketing team at for further information.

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