Overseas Provider Network

Access to the Overseas Provider Network is provided by GMMI, Inc. The network is comprised of hospitals, doctors, and other providers that are contracted with GMMI to accept direct billing and non-contracted providers that may accept direct billing. Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, however, new information is received on a frequent basis and all changes may not be included in the results. GMMI reserves the right, without notice, to update the information within this Overseas Provider Network.

Members who are logged into their MyBlue® account will have access to additional provider information including provider address, phone number, specialty and more.  For any additional overseas provider questions, please contact the 24/7 Overseas Assistance Center  at +1 (804) 673-1678 or fepoverseas@gmmi.com.  If you need assistance arranging direct billing for cashless access, you must contact GMMI prior to receiving services.  Acceptance of a GOB/direct billing arrangement is the sole discretion of providers. If you need help with setting up a MyBlue account, or have questions regarding your MyBlue account, please call the Overseas Assistance Center and select Option 1 followed by Option 3.

Due to OFAC regulations, we do not facilitate services in the selected country.
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